Artist Spotlight

CL's interviews with Atlanta artists and makers about their latest project.

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Arts & Culture

Atlanta Books

Authors, Bookstores, Fiction Issue and all things word in ATL.

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Atlanta Outdoors

An exploration of the city in the forest.

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Atlanta Parks

Parks to explore in Atlanta and the people who make these parks enjoyable to all.

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Atlanta Untrapped


Atlanta United Podcast

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Interviews with People in Atlanta's Film Industry

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Chad Chat


CLiKS is a podcast collaboration between Creative Loafing and KitSplit, focusing on Atlanta filmmakers. | Hosted by Jerry White Jr., Edited by Jacob Chisenhall Music by auger shell,

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Culture Clash

Culture Makers

Interviews and Profiles of people shaping the culture in Atlanta.

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Dish on the Dish

Creative Loafing Atlanta's bite-sized food podcast featuring local food celebrities.

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Dr. Dax's Mixdown

Mixdown of the Dax - Profiles of Atlanta's Street Art and Graffiti Culture.

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Event Preview

Summary of upcoming events.

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Fear of Fear

Chad Radford's roundup of the metal scene in Atlanta.

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First Draft

All things Beer

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Food Culture in ATL

Podcasts on a variety of topics related to Atlanta's unique food culture.

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Friends in High Places

Ema Carr's look at Atlanta's marijuana related business and culture around Georgia.

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Historical Atlanta

Podcasts about the history of Atlanta.

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Live From the Archives

Our weekly program featuring Atlanta Bands who drop by the offices to record a live session surrounded by 48 years of CL history.

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Lunch N Loaf

Our weekly CL Radio program hosted by Jill Melancon features info about the arts in Atlanta--literary, visual, performing, and even brewing. New interviews available each week.

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Mixdown of the Dax

Mo' Audio

Musician Spotlight

Spotlight on Musical Artists

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Neighborhood Watch


A Fresh Installment from CL's coverage of Atlanta's Neighborhoods

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News & Issues

People & Film

Photo Cast

CL critics and photojournalist gather to dissect photos and divulge about capturing powerful moments in time.

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Quick Bites

Interviews with people making Atlanta's Food Scene.

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Scene Diagnostics

Welcome to "Scene Diagnostics," a new monthly podcast series where individuals from all sides of Atlanta's artistic environs share their thoughts and experiences about navigating the city's many different art scenes.

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Scenes and Motions

The Big Interview

CL Interviews of larger than life personalities shaping Atlanta's culture.

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The Creative Class

A look at Atlanta's Professional Creative Community and their latest projects.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events in the Atlanta area.

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Weekend Roundup

Quick check in with our critics for the best shows and events for today or the upcoming weekend.

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Westside Atlanta

Podcasts around the changing Westside Atlanta as the Beltline makes its way around the City.

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