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Ema Carr's look at Atlanta's marijuana related business and culture around Georgia.

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  • Friends In High Places: Ashley McMahan talk changes to Cannabis laws in Georgia Season 1 Episode 5 The laws are changing, Georgia. Gwinnett and Cobb County announced they will no longer prosecute for minor marijuana possession. What exactly does that mean? This episode of "Friends in High Places" gives us the facts. Listen closely as Mrs. McMahan breaks it all down for us. Criminal Defense Attorney Ashley McMahan is an Atlanta native. After high school, she stuck around to attend GA Tech and later GSU Law School. With experience as a prosecutor, she opened her own defense firm, The Law Ladies, and has since defended countless Georgians unfairly, or wrongly charged with marijuana cases.
    Sat Sep 7 2019
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  • If you want to legalize, Ted Terry is a politician to have in your corner. The "Millennial Mayor" Ted Terry was the first to decriminalize marijuana in Georgia, starting with his city of Clarkston. Among many accomplishments during his time as Mayor, he's raised the minimum wage to $15/hour, actualized a thriving refugee community and was even on the stylish Netflix's show, Queer Eye. Tune in as Mayor Terry tells us the details of his successful career as a politician, and his next step, running for US Senate in 2020. He's vying for Senator David Purdue's spot, a seat IMO in desperate need of relevant perspective.
    Fri Sep 6 2019
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  • Pot and Pancakes Season 1 Episode 7 Uber for weed? That's what co-founders of Care by Delivery have accomplished in San Diego. Amy Koed and Vincent Owens are bringing their cannabis delivery service to Atlanta. Listen as they describe their first Atlanta event, Pot & Pancakes, and how they're connecting the cannabis community.
    Wed Aug 21 2019
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  • Sophia Sabsowitz is the Curator at Pulp Books in West Midtown. She also spends a portion of each year trimming fresh cannabis crop in the infamous Humboldt County, Calif, familiar by most as the setting for the Netflix docu-series "Murder Mountain." Sabsowitz's knowledge of cannabis flows directly into her creative life as a painter and current curator at Pulp Books, located in West Midtown, Atlanta. Listen as she describes the beautifully offensive mischief that is Pulp Books with an exotic book collection and its in-house blackbox theatre hand-built by herself and owner, Will Eiseman. It's her work with cannabis and the upcoming contemporary cannabis photography exhibit DANK, that brings her on our show today. In this interview of "Friends in High Places," hear how cannabis photography is getting creatives paid by big industry and why you may want to take a look at this bird's eye to macro display of cannabis photography. From July 11 - August 18, DANK will be on display and for sale at
    Thu Jul 25 2019

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  • Friends in High Places Ep 03: Aviva and the Flying Penguins
    Fri Jun 21 2019

  • Kwanza Hall talks new approvals of Georgia medical marijuana sales
    Fri May 17 2019

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  • Joe Salome of The Georgia Hemp Company talks CBD and the cannabis industry on this week's episode of Friends in High Places with Ema Carr.
    Sat Apr 20 2019

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  • Our latest podcast series to hit the CL studios, "Friends in High Places" with Ema Carr. On this episode, Carr speaks with Kwanza Hall about the Marijuana bill HB324 that the legislature passed
    Tue Apr 2 2019

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